We spent the morning in rainy day activities and the campers loved the downshift.  Girl’s side spent the morning practicing Girls Sing and Boys side had a ball watching movies, playing dodge ball and cooking.

Then it was off to The Lodge for lunch for the biggest dance party we have ever had in the history of CAW. We all did the Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, YMCA, Cotton Eye Joe to name a few. You can’t quite imagine how insanely fun it is to sing and dance in a room filled with 650 people who are loving it as much as you are. It is just pure freedom and self-expression without any fear of judgment. This just doesn’t happen anywhere else.  We let loose here and enjoy every single moment.  Make sure to look out for the video of today’s lunch. It will blow your mind to see your children dance as if no one is watching.

Due to the rain, many games had to be rescheduled but we did manage to play one.

Boys 10th/11th Grade Soccer – Weequahic 3 vs. CAW 0

The night belonged to Chenny Idol. The show was incredible and our top four blew the roof of the Rec Hall. The talent was insane and the contest was too close to call. What began with 175 auditions came down to four performances. Daisy Chaskin was spectacular with her angelic voice. Daniel Gur rocked the house with his amazing performance. Julia Bromley sang from the heart and gave everyone goose bumps. Two Direction got us all on our feet with a thro back to why Boy Bands stole our hearts. In the end, Two Direction was named winner on Chenny Idol 2012. Congratulations to Ben Metzger, Josh Lomita, Evan Wadler, Jonathan Swill and Jared Bauer. You are Chenny’s favorite boy band!!

Another unforgettable day at CAW.

Chenny out.