We had an amazing day at camp today. The weather was great and we had a full day of activities. Girl’s side was doing all their last minute touches to their costumes and finalizing all the details for the big show. Girls Sing spirit was definitely in the air and we were all so psyched to see which division would prevail as tonight’s winner.

It was an afternoon of boy’s sports today. Great effort by all but most importantly, great sportsmanship was displayed in each and every game.

Boys 5th Grade Soccer – Wayne 3 vs. CAW 0

Boys 6th Grade LAX – Starlight 12 – vs. CAW 5

Boys 8th Grade Baseball – Starlight 14 vs. CAW 4

The night belonged to girl’s side. It was the most spectacular Girl’s Sing I’ve ever been privileged to watch. There was so much time, effort and love out into Sing and it showed. Each division brought their “A” game and the judges (Boy Group Leaders) had their work cut out for them. It began with lower camp and Freshman Girls got into the Rave. Junior girls rocked out with Rock of Ages. Middies went viral with their Social Middia. Inters went on an Inter state Road trip.  Collegiates went to college and beyond. Seniors gave tribute to Dr. Seuss with one phenomenal performance. Supers had a teaspoon of sugar and felt oh so Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! GC’s got scared with their nightmare on camp road and our CIT’s were fabulous as the Avengers and fought off all the bad guys. It was a superb show but there was only one lower camp winner and one upper camp winner.

Congratulations to our winners of the evening: Lower Camp – Inters / Upper Camp – Supers

Even though winners were crowned tonight, each division felt a great sense of pride and honor to put on such a tremendous production. Girls Sing runs deep and the pride we feel for it will forever have a place in our hearts. The cheers and alma mater each group sang will stay in their hearts forever.

To be a part of this community and get to feel what we all felt watching girls sing (boys side included) will stay with us, always.

Chenny out.