The morning started as any other amazing summer day. As the sun rises and camp wakes up, you see campers roll out of bed and this is home. Campers are still in their pajamas and as they walk to the Lodge you get the feeling they are walking from their bedroom to the kitchen to have breakfast, as if they are at their home. Which they are!  It’s hard to believe we have only three more weeks here but every minute and every moment counts.

We had a great day of sports as CAW swept all games today.

Boys 3rd/4th Grade Roller Hockey – CAW 5 vs. Starlight 3

Boys 8th Grade Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Poyntelle 1

Girls 7th Grade Soccer – CAW 7 vs. Cayuga 0

Girls 8th Grade Soccer – CAW 10 vs. Wayne 1

Congratulations to all of our campers of the week. You shined and deserved the recognition!

Girls Side

Bunk A – Sydney Wood

Bunk B – Lexi Tantleff

Bunk C – Romi Maschler

Bunk D – Natalie Blee

Bunk E – Sophia Jaffe

Bunk F – Noelle Breitweiser

Bunk G – Kaley Morabito

Bunk H- Jessica Altman & Becca Greenbaum

Bunk I – Dylan Grabow & Hailey Wolff

Bunk J – Zoe Rouder

Bunk K – Dani Mazen

Bunk L – Brooke Mohr & Remy Savy

Bunk M – Cami Oresky & Melissa Borker

Bunk N – Carrie Mason & Daisy Zand

Bunk O – Jessica Fleisscher

Bunk P  – Elana Wilk

Bunk Q – Julia Bromley

Bunk R – Emily Zucker & Sarah Sass

Bunk S – Sophia Malkotsis & Jessy Kingman

CIT – Allie Frank


Boys Side

Bunk A – Jake Erlich

Bunk B – Evan Kay

Bunk C – Ryan Stuzin

Bunk D – Jake Ashkenase

Bunk E – Aaron Marasia

Bunk F – Jared Graff

Bunk G – Sam Tavel

Bunk H – Ben Diamond

Bunk I – Ben Gerchick

Bunk J – Matthew Marchisotta

Bunk K – Drew Sandler

Bunk L – Alex Croen

Bunk M – Jordan Stewart

Bunk N – Jake Henning

Bunk O – Brian Dubinsky

Bunk P – Brian Sussman

Bunk Q – Adam Heimowitz

Bunk R – Jesse Steinberg

Bunk W – Brett Croen

It was early dinner today as our lower camp enjoyed a night out of camp. Our Freshman & Juniors spent the evening bowling.  It was a great night as this group had the alley all to themselves. The Middies, Inters , Collegiates and Seniors enjoyed a night out at the movies.

Upper camp spent the night at camp, packing for their Big Trip tomorrow as they head out to Virginia Beach and D.C. It was their traditional Road Rally and Ice Cream party that made the night spectacular. They have an amazing adventure ahead of them.

All campers are back and in their bunks fast asleep.  Goodnight Chenny!

Chenny out.