Our Supers, GC’s and CIT’s had an early start as their buses rolled out of camp by 7:00am en route for Virginia Beach.  Their first stop was at Harford Mall for some afternoon shopping. Then it was off to Kings Dominion Amusement Park for the evening. It was a fun first day to their trip. They are all back at the hotel and getting ready for a full day activities tomorrow.

The Seniors boarded their bus for an overnight at Hershey Park. They enjoyed a night at the park and have a full day tomorrow at the park to enjoy all the rides, games and chocolate they desire.

Freshman through Collegiates had camp all to themselves today and loved every minute of it. Before the rain came, Boys side we got some games in.

Boys 4th Grade Soccer –  CAW 8 vs. Westmont 0 (CAW wins Semi Finals  and advances to Championships)

Boys 5th Grade Basketball – CAW 33 vs. Westmont 2 (CAW wins Semi Finals and advances to Championship)

Boys 5th Grade Baseball – CAW 8 vs. Tioga 2 (CAW wins Semi Finals and advances to Championships)

Boys 7th Grade Basketball – Tioga 30 vs. CAW 24

Tonight was one of those night’s that standouts above all the rest.  We had so much talent that the campers that weren’t able to perform in our first camper talent show, displayed their unique and entertaining skills for all us tonight. We had 26 acts and every single one of them was outstanding. There is something that happens here that does not exist outside our gates: it’s true genuine overwhelming support for one another. Regardless if you sing, dance, tell jokes, do cartwheels or play piano, you have an entire Rec Hall of friends behind you. No matter if you miss a step or sing off key, it just doesn’t matter here. Your courage to take that stage overrides what you do on that stage. Its awe-inspiring to witness and life changing to be a part of it. Where in the world can you ever go to get this support and encouragement?  We are brave, we are talented and we lift each other up here.

Drew Sandler (Inter Boy) ended our show as he wowed the crowd playing the keyboard. But as he started, it didn’t take but a few notes for every single one of us to join in and sing the song he was playing. He had everyone on their feet, swaying in unison together. Everyone in that Rec Hall felt something magical tonight and Drew had a moment that he will never forget. That’s what we do here, we lift one another up.

Chenny Out.