It’s Trip Tuesday and everyone has a blast today.

Our Freshmen and Juniors spent the morning at Lahey Family Fun Park. They went on go-karts and played mini golf, had a ball in the arcade and enjoyed hanging out together at this amazing fun zone. They boarded the buses and were off to their next stop, the movies. It was a mid day matinee. The day from start to finish was perfect for our youngest campers. As they got back to camp, they rolled off the busses and couldn’t help but tell us all that today was the greatest day ever.

Today was a total chill out day for our Middies and Inters as they spent the day at the State Park. They swam in the lake, they played some football, they relaxed in the sun and they built amazing sand castles. It was a lazy day just hangin’ with friends. The mood was perfect and the afternoon was just ideal. Not a stress in the world today. Just pure summer fun.

It was off to Camel Beach for our Collegiates and Seniors and they had full run of the park. The weather was hot so spending the day in a water park was just ideal. The campers came back to camp and as they got of the bus to head back to their bunks, you heard them all say what an amazing day they had today. Though a bit tired after a full of splashing down the giant toilet bowl ride or swimming in the wave pool, it was just a great afternoon spent with camp friend. Doesn’t get much better than that.

GO Orangemen! It was off to tour Syracuse University for our Supers & GC’s. As our oldest campers start thinking about colleges, what a perfect opportunity to have them tour an outstanding university. They visited campus and saw what life is like at Syracuse. Then it was off to Carousel Mall for some serious shopping. Another ideal afternoon spent with amazing friends doing amazing things.

OUR CIT’s had a full day of exciting adventures themselves. They started the day at a local favorite, Binghams for some delicious homemade breakfast. Then it was off to Camel Beach for some time in the water park. After some fun outside, they went to Crossings for some outlet shopping and dinner. And to wrap up this perfect day, they made a stop at Wal-Mart, which is a big favorite up here. They arrived back to camp, exhausted and exhilarated, all at the same time.

No matter if was at Lahey Family Fun Park or Wal-Mart, the best part of today was being with friends and sharing these moments together. Everyone is sleeping peacefully and exhausted from a great day out. Campers are getting a few extra zzzz’s as tomorrow is a sleep in Brunch morning. Perfect timing.

Chenny out.