The sun was shining bright at Chen-A-Wanda this morning. There is something so amazing when you are awakened by bugles, surrounded by your friends, roll out of bed and head to breakfast in your pajamas. It’s where you want to be, always. Nobody looks at your bed head or cares that you are wearing plaid pajama bottoms and a striped shirt. It just doesn’t matter here. Where on earth are we allowed to be exactly who we are, all as unique amazing individuals. There is a freedom here and a level of acceptance that just doesn’t exist outside our gates and the hope is that we all take it with us wherever we go.

We enjoyed another fantastic day full of games.

Boys 5th Grade Baseball – CAW 13 vs. Morasha 3

Boys 5th/6th Grade Roller Hockey  – Starlight 11 vs. CAW 6

Girls 10th/11th Grade Basketball – Seneca Lake 28 vs. CAW 19

The night was all about our Theater Production of The Wizard of Oz. Our cast worked tirelessly to make tonight’s show phenomenal and they didn’t disappoint. The costumes were fabulous and the talent was off the charts. We all know the story or Dorothy, Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West but it felt as if we were seeing it for the first time. We all clapped, cheered and sang along as we supported and were so proud of our Chenny actors.  There is nothing like seeing the faces of the cast light up when they hear the cheers and applause from the audience. They shined so bright tonight. One thing is for sure, Chenny’s got talent and the stage was theirs tonight.

Like the Cowardly Lion, it took courage to get up on stage and perform in front of a packed house.  Their brains were as sharp as the Scarecrow’s to be able to learn all the lines and remember the songs and dance steps. Like the Tin Man, all their hearts filled with joy and a feeling of deep love when they heard the applause, just meant for them. And lastly, like Dorothy, everyone felt that feeling of home tonight. We are home here at Chenny!

Chenny out.