We're on Top of the World

It was a great day full of activities. It feels like we all have a pep in our step. As each bugle sounds, the excitement for what comes next is electric. There is just so much to do in one day here it’s almost hard to believe we get to experience them all. Between regular activities, games, tryouts, hanging with friends, singing, dancing, cooking and so much more, there are just not enough hours in a day.

We had our Chenny Idol auditions today and boy did the kids bring it. There were solo vocalists and groups that sang their heart out for our three judges.  All our contestants have a dream to perform and our production of Chenny Idol gives them that opportunity. This is their shot and their time to shine. As each singer walked into our studio, it was their moment to sing. Deep breaths and the support from their friends, off they went as they sang their hearts out. In a few shorts days, the Top 25 will be announced. Chenny Idol has a buzz around camp and we are all looking forward to this camp favorite.

It was a busy day for our Chenny athletes who played intense and always with great sportsmanship.

6th Grade Girls Basketball – Chestnut Lake 16 vs. CAW 14

8th Grade Boys Basketball – Tioga 31 vs. CAW 21

Our 7th Grade Boys Flag Football team made it to the Semi-Finals in a one-day tournament at Trails End Camp.

As the week one has come to an end, it was time to announce Camper of the week. We are doing it a bit different this summer and only one camper per division will be given the greatest camp honor as they are named, Camper of the Week. These kids are standouts and deserve to be recognized for being great friends, strong leaders, and excellent helpers in the bunk and all have proven themselves to be all around great campers. We are so proud of you all. Each camper received a very special CAW Camper of the Week Dog tag that they wear with great pride.

Freshman Boys – Jared Paulen

Junior Boys – Reed Holland

Middy Boys – Jake Becker

Inter Boys – Jake Berlin

Collegiate Boys – Andrew Roisenberg

Senior Boys – Josh Friendman

Super Boys – Brian Sussman

GC Boys – Max Nussbaum

CIT Boys – Zachary Myers

Freshman Girls – Mia Wallis

Junior Girls Merri Grill

Middy Girls – Lanie Brodsky

Inter Girls – Halle Racenstein

Collegiate Girls – Arielle Ashkenase

Senior Girls – A,manda Behrens

Super Girls – Ashley Haber

GC Girls – Sami Wills

CIT Girls – Sidney Rochlin

It was a tremendous first week of camp and the bar is set high for looks to be one amazing summer. Life is truly great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out