The Bonds That Tie Us Together

We have been here for a week now and some amazing things have happened. Friends we met just 7 days ago are now connected to us forever. We have spent seven days, which in camp life is an eternity and that is time enough to create these very connected relationships. This bond is hard to describe but it is the core to why we are here. It’s crazy to watch these friendships develop and blossom. There is one phrase we always hear about these very special relationships and that is, “my camp friends just get me.” When you live together, everything is exposed and everything is accepted. We see each other when we are up and when we are down and that vulnerability lends it way to a closeness that stands the test of time. From those who have traveled down this road before know what I am talking about. Camp friends stick because they “just get us.” Our new campers are forming those bonds as they all have this shared experience of being away from home for the first time. It’s a closeness that cannot truly be described but it is surely enjoyed.

As we see these budding friendships with our new campers, you can look down the road a bit and take a gander at the family our oldest campers have made. Today, the Chen-A-Wanderers began their journey as they left camp for their new Chenny journey. This amazing group of kids, together ventured out for their first trip to Canada. We are so excited for them and our new travel program.  Chen-A-Wanda has given them roots, and now they can fly with their wings. Off they go. They all arrived safely into Canada today and we can’t wait to hear about the amazing adventures that are headed their way.

It was picture day today and smiles where all around. There is something quite special to gather with your bunk, knowing you are freezing a moment in time as a snapshot will capture who you traveled through summer 2013 with.

Sports, Sports and more Sports….. It was a nail biter watching our 3rd/4th grade boys Roller Hockey game vs. Equinunk. We went into overtime with a 6-6 tie as Equinunk pulled out the W in a shoot out. What a great game and we couldn’t have been more proud of hard our boys played.

7th Grade Boys Basketball – CAW 59 vs. Indian Head 48

8th Grade Girls Softball – CAW 17 vs. Wayne Girls 0

To say our day was simply awesome, would be an understatement. Lights are out and all are asleep. Sweet dreams are all around and we get do this again tomorrow. How lucky we are….

Chenny out