Sign & Song.. A Night to Remember

Camp was buzzing with activities but everyone was focused and excited for the nights evening activity, Sign & Song. This event is a long-standing camp favorite where each bunk makes a plaque and Girls side prepares a dance for the entire camp. It is serious fun and each side got crazy creative with their plaques. Each plaque has every campers name on it and they will forever be placed on the walls of their bunk. Each summer, we have alumni come back and the first thing they do is look for their plaques. It’s their mark that they were here then and it’s their connection that will be here forever.

Girls’ side brought it tonight as they wowed us with their dances. From the cutest Freshman dances to the amazing choreography that the Wanderers delivered, it was just a magical camp night that we will never forget.  All eyes were on our stage and after each dance, the applause was outstanding and the feeling was incredible. That is what we do here, we love to perform and we love to support. It was standing ovations after each performance and you could see the joy on the girls faces as they felt like they were just superstars up there.

The competition was tough but our Group Leaders picked the winners for Lower & Upper Camp Plaques and Dances. Congratulations to our winners. You were outstanding.

Lower Camp Girls Plaque – Bunk I

Lower Camp Boys Plaque – Bunk E

Upper Camp Girls Plaque – Bunk Q

Upper Camp Boys Plaque –  Bunk W


Lower Camp Girls Dance – Bunk J

Upper Camp Girls Dance – Bunk K

Girls side put on quite a show tonight; one that will go down in the books as one of the best Chen-A-Wanda Sign & Songs ever.

Our Athletes were busy having fun on the fields & in the rink today. It was an awesome day of competition and sportsmanship.

Boys 6th Grade Softball – CAW 15 vs. Camp Perlman 1

Boys 8th/9th Grade Softball – Equinunk 6 vs. CAW 3

Boys 10th/11th Grade Roller Hockey – Equinunk 11 vs. CAW 5

Just another phenomenal day here at Chenny.


Chenny out