Each new day seems to bring new amazing adventures. No day is exactly alike here but they all are packed with their own unique specialness. There was one camper who was determined to get up on the trapeze today, though he was terrified of heights. He watched each camper before him get up with ease and everyone could see he wanted so badly to get up that ladder. The encouragement he got from his friends and counselors gave him the courage to try. They all knew he could do it and with that support, he put on the belt and climbed up that ladder.  The fear seemed to dissipate with each step as he could hear them chanting his name and with that, he took a leap of faith. As he grabbed the bar and trusted, that camper flew on the trapeze today with eyes wide open. To see his face as his entire group embraced him when came back down was watching something special. He showed us all that no matter how scary we think things can be, with support and encouragement, we can fly, we can actually soar.

Sure our campers will tune up their soccer skills or practice their swing on the field but it’s their ability to cope that will greatly enhance their lives. They will overcome homesickness and they will actually tolerate being in a bunk bed or sleeping across the room from whom they wanted to sleep next too.  It’s the lessons of coping with things that they find hard to deal with that will stay with them throughout their lives. Chen-A-Wanda is an awesome place to learn these valuable life lessons and we all feel privileged to assist your kids in the art of not sweating the small stuff.

Wayne County Inter Camp Games began today.

6th Grade and under boys Roller Hockey– CAW 4 vs. Trails End 2. Way to go boys!!! You roller rocked it and your sportsmanship was outstanding.

It was a beach party night as we all had night swim in the pool. As the sun set on Fiddle Lake, we were jumping off the diving board, sliding down the slide and swimming with our friends. There is nothing quite like a summer nights swim party. Just another remarkable evening here at Chenny!!!!!

Chenny Out