Chenny Jams

Imagine starting your day, eating a delicious breakfast in a room full of energetic, positive people all who are singing and dancing in unison. That is what your children do everyday here. It is how we start off our morning and as the food fills our bellies, the energy and enthusiasm fills our souls. You can’t walk out of The Lodge without feeling good inside. It is electric, contagious and freeing. You can stand on your seat and just dance and sing. There is a freedom of expression here and it is highly encouraged. The energy this morning was off the charts and gave us all an amazing start to a fantastic day.

There were more tryouts and activities happening all day. Campers would go from the soccer fields to mountain boarding to tetherball city, to an insane wiffle ball game and all this happened before lunch. It is a packed day filled to the brim and we wouldn’t have it any other way. There is just so much to do here.

The talk throughout camp today as all about tonight’s evening activity, Chenny Jam. It was Girls side vs. Boys side and the competition was fierce. There was a lot on the line, as this intense staff basketball game would bring pride to either Boys side or Girls side. The campers brought the energy and were cheering on their players. Girls wore everything pink as the fellas wore their favorite black duds. Our faces were painted, the tutus were worn and the spirit was insane. Both sides wanted the win but with only 6 seconds left, Girls side hit a last minute shot to seal the deal and bring home a victory. Actually, everyone won because the fun was off the charts to make this night, a camp favorite. Girls bunk M and Boys bunk W were awarded pizza parties for bringing the most spirit to tonight’s game.  Their spirit was contagious.

The night ended and as the sun set on Fiddle Lake, everyone couldn’t help notice the nights sky. It was array of pinks, gold’s and blues. And in the midst of celebrating an awesome evening activity, we all couldn’t help but notice the pure beauty of where we are, even for a moment.  You couldn’t help but appreciate this masterpiece that was in front of us all. Beauty is all around us up here and tonight was spectacular. The night ended as equally as beautiful as the day started. How lucky we are to experience what we do up here. Feeling gratitude all around.

Chenny out.