Day 3 and We've Got Our Groove Down…

It was a fantastic day today as all the campers got right into regular activities. From the trapeze at circus all the way to the lake, you saw happy campers playing. It is quite a sight to see kids playing outside all day long in the bright sunshine, just being kids. No television or computers, no texting or posting on Instagram. This is where we all get outside and play together. As the world has become so technically advanced and somewhat isolating, today we played together all day long and loved every minute of it.  There is something so powerful about what we do here and none of us take it for granted.

We are building a true community here and these special magical moments happen at every turn. There was a camper sitting in center camp and having a small moment of missing home as another new camper saw and went directly over and said it so plainly and simply. “Do you want to play with me? I was sad a bit too but if I can get through it, I know you can too.” This is the essence of what this crazy experience is all about.  To witness these moments takes my breath away.

Sign and Song is just around the corner and girl’s side is getting ready. All across camp were groups practicing their dance for the show on Wednesday. Arts and Crafts was packed with campers getting their bunk plaques ready. There is such great pride with these works of art that are left hanging in the bunks forever. It is the stamp that we were here summer 2013. Girls practiced their dance over and over to get it just right. It is a collaboration and teamwork as they create their perfect dance to show the entire camp. A long-standing Chenny tradition and from the looks of it, this year will not disappoint.

We had our official first friends event and everyone loved it. Both Girls side and Boys side participated and all our new campers loved getting together with their first friend. Our big kids took such great pride getting to show the new campers the ropes. We really are one big family here and both new and old campers treasure these connections. It is the foundation to what makes our house so strong.

We all headed into Shields Hall tonight for a camp favorite, The Dating Game. Each division had a bachelor or bachelorette ask questions to 3 potential suitors. Freshman through our Wanderers were up on stage and there wasn’t a camper who didn’t fully love tonight’s activity. The best shows at camp are when our campers are up on that stage. Camp pride here runs deep. It was lots of laughter, chants and cheers tonight. A great ending to an amazing day.

Chenny out