It's like we never left…

There is just no better way to wake up than hearing reveille. And as the bugle rang throughout camp, all our campers popped out of bed knowing that today was the first full day of activities. It was electric. The biddy courts on boys side was packed with basketball games before breakfast and girls were on their porches and playing tetherball. The sun was shining and everyone was eager to start the day.  We all joined together in The Lodge and had a delicious breakfast together. The most important meal of the day to start us off right for the activities we all were ready to begin.

The sun was shining and the temperatures were raising and we could not have asked for a better day to take our swim tests. The lake was packed with happy campers, as the water trampoline was the place to be. The pool was full and kids were loving zipping around Fiddle Lake as we water-skied and experienced tubing on the Great Big Mable. It was an absolute awesome first day of water activities to cool off.

The waterfront wasn’t the only thing popping. It was a full day of team tryouts. The courts and fields were packed with campers trying out for their favorites sports.  This is where playing sports is the way it was meant to be, to have fun playing a game you love. Even if you never have played before, you learn here without any pressure, just pure joy and love to play. There was a new Freshman girl who tried out for the basketball team here and has never played before. Her smile told a story that makes it all worth it. She picked up a ball and as our amazing basketball staff taught her how to shoot, she made a basket after trying the whole period long. You could hear her little voice tremble with excitement as the ball made it in the hoop. “I did it, I made a basket” As the activity period ended, you saw her run to her new friends and share her accomplishment. That one basket she made brought her so much pride. A little girl who did something she never had done before and the pride she felt ran deep. Those moments happened all over camp today. That is the magic of this place.

Our actors and actresses auditioned for the play today and boy do we have talent. We sing, we dance, we act and these groups of thespians will soon wow us as they put together Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.  Can’t wait to see them in the spotlight.

We all rocked out tonight with Julius C on stage as each division sang with a full rock band behind them. There was dancing and singing in Shields Hall tonight and it was loud and it was insanely fun.  We just rock out here at CAW.

Our first day of full activities was a success and everyone is soundly sleeping from an amazing day. The greatest part is we get to do this again tomorrow. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Chenny out