Wait No More… Summer 2013 is Here!!!!

We have waited all year long for this day to happen and it’s here. There are no more countdowns or marking off days on our calendars. There are no more Wanda Wednesday pictures that remind us of where we all want to be. We are actually here, in camp and our summer has begun. There is no place we all would rather be. Even through all the nerves, excitement and anxiousness, we all did it. We loaded those buses and headed to Camp Chen-A-Wanda, our home for the next 51 days.


The weather was ideal and as the sun shinned down on all of us, you couldn’t help feel the love here at CAW. Watching old friends reunite with pure joy just to see one another is a sight to see. It warms you from the inside out. And as our new campers walked out of the bus, some nervous, most excited but they too saw and felt the love they were walking in to. There were counselors waiting for them with open arms, smiles on their faces and an excitement that was off the charts. Today was perfect in every way.


The afternoon was spent playing icebreakers and group games. As you look all around camp, you plainly see why we are all here. There was so much laughter, there were tons of piggyback rides, there was hand holding, there were friendships that started today and there was a feeling of being home.


It was off the The Lodge to have our first meal together. The energy could have blown the roof off the building. It wasn’t too long before we all sang on the top of our lungs and danced to the rockin’ music that was played. From the Freshman to the Wandereres, we all sang and danced together as if we have been doing this forever. If you ever have sang in unison with packed house, it’s quite overwhelming and awe-inspiring. We all became one tonight at dinner. The bond began and it’s just the beginning. Nobody walked out of The Lodge without a smile on his or her face.


We all loaded into Shileds Hall tonight as we watched a video of highlights from last summer. It was sneak peak to what amazing things lie ahead. We will make new memories and we cannot wait to get started. It was an ideal first day. Everyone is fast asleep and we cannot wait for the sun to rise so we can play all day tomorrow.


Thank you for sending us your children. It is them that has given this camp its heartbeat.


Chenny Out.