Hakuna Matata – We Got No Worries Here

The sun was shining bright today at CAW. It was one of those mornings that defined summer. So many happy campers running to their activities, it puts you in a great mood seeing the excitement they have to start their day. You can’t walk 10 feet without seeing campers arm in arm walking to their activities. Where else does this happen? It is a world where closeness is at a whole different level. The connections we make in a very short period of time, is intense, powerful and life changing.  There was a Freshman girl who was swinging on the swings and a Senior girl who was pushing her. The sweetness of this picture only got more precious knowing they had only met 8 days ago and though they are not in the same division, these two virtual strangers became connected. You couldn’t tell who was enjoying their time more, the Freshman girl who was asking to go higher or the Senior girl who loved her role being a big sister sweetly pushing her new young friend. When I describe it here as a true family, I couldn’t be more accurate.  These magical connections cross divisions, they cross genders. Everyone is connected to each other and we all know it. That is the magic of our summer family. Hakuna Matata.

It was a fun day of games and matches as our Chenny Athletes were busy having fun on the fields and courts.

6th Grade Girls LAX – CAW 11 vs. Blue Ridge 8

9th/8th Grade Girls LAX – CAW 17 vs. Westmont 6

8th Grde Boys Socceer – Wayne 3 vs. CAW 0

6th Grade Girls Tennis – Island Lake 3 vs. CAW 2

We were all blown away tonight with our incredible talented staff that performed for us all in the tonight’s Staff Talent Show. We were standing on our seats, singing and clapping along as we cheered on our counselors and staff. They put on such an amazing show. From the vocalists to the dancers, to a theatrical performance of The Lion King, we were entertained and amazed. There is something quite special about us here that no matter who is on that stage, the outpour of support and love is given. It is a tremendous feeling to be a part of this community as we encourage and support one another. You can’t quite put into words what the feeling is like as every single person inside Shields Hall is singing along, waving their hands in unison and giving standing ovations to each act up on that stage. Some call it respect, some call it love, some call it amazing!! I call it call it all of the above.

Chenny out.