Nothing Can Rain On Our Parade

Not even a little rain can stop our fun. We just took the fun indoors today. The School of Rock was rocking, The Cookhouse was cooking, Arts & Crafts was the place to be to make amazing masterpieces and Shields Hall had some serious Dodgeball games being played inside. The fun does not stop here at Chenny. When the rain stopped, it was back outside and in the lake we went.  Even on rainy days, Life is Great here.

We were able to play some Wayne County Games today and it was a Chenny sweep. Great job fellas. You played hard, fair and showed great sportsmanship.

6th Grade Boys Basketball – CAW 45 vs. Weequaic 17

10th Grade Boys Basketball – CAW 53 vs. Tioga 45

Our evening activity was spent playing BINGO and

What is more fun than a giant game of BINGO? Absolutely nothing.. There is something just so much fun about having your Bingo board almost complete and waiting to hear that one number so you can scream out BINGO!!!  There was one Junior boy camper who was only 1 number away from the Big Blackout and with each number being called out, the intensity grew. His entire bunk was standing chanting that one number he needed. They knew that if he won, they were all getting a pizza party and as his number, O 72 was finally called. Each boy in that bunk screamed out BINGO in unison!!! Even though it was his board, they all won. It was as if they won the Big Powerball!!! It was a true team effort. They lifted him up as they celebrated. There is nothing quite like playing with your camp friends that makes the highs so high…

All are soundly sleeping peacefully in their bunks. Just another remarkable day at a remarkable place we all call home.

Chenny out