Tuesday Trip Day

It was trip day at Chenny and everyone had a great day. As much as we all love staying here at camp, there is something quite special going out of camp on amazing trips with our friends. As they all boarded the buses, you can feel the excitement and wonder of what the day was going to bring and it didn’t disappoint.

Cherokee Camp (Freshman, Juniors & Middies) went bowling and had a ball.  It was strikes, some turkeys and a few gutter balls but fun was had by all. After the awesome bowling party, it was off to the theater to relax and enjoy a movie. It was back-to-back fun and then everyone headed back to CAW to have dinner at camp. It was a private pizza party just for our youngest campers and they loved having The Lodge all to themselves. It was all smiles as each camper came off the bus from their first trip of the summer. Cherokee camp had an absolute great day.

Mohikan Camp (Inters & Collegiates) started their day at the movies then finished their fun at the bowling alley.  What could possibly be better than spending a whole day out with your campies watching the latest summer releases followed by a great game of bowling. It was out to dinner for Mohican camp and as their buses rolled in around 9:00pm, the looks on their tired faces said it all, we had the time of our lives. A perfect way to spend a summer day.

Navajo Camp – (Seniors, Supers & GC’s) had their own special day too. It was off for a little shopping at the outlets, and then dinner followed by the movies. As the big kids on camp, they got back the latest and couldn’t have been happier with how they spent their day.

Going to the movies, bowling or doing a little shopping is always fun but imagine doing these pretty typical events with your best camp friends on a great summer day. These moments they share together are standout memories. Even the bus ride becomes memorable when you are with your friends. The songs you sing on the bus or the silly things you talk about as you wait for your turn to bowl, these are the magical moments your kids had today. Spectacular memories they all made today.

Everyone is safe and sound back home at camp.  It is an absolute dream to get to do the things we all do here at CAW together. #FeelingGrateful

Chenny out