We Got Chenny Idol Fever

Today was a spectacular day full of activities, games and our Chenny Idol Finalists were announced. It was another fun filled day here at CAW. We had a camp full of happy campers embracing every moment of this beautiful day.

A moment that stood out and exemplified how we all feel about this place happened today between a new Middy girl and her counselor. They were on their porch at rest hour talking about how the week has been going and this new camper who so beautifully conquered her homesickness, relayed that she feels this place isn’t camp for her but it feel like home. To say this says it all is an understatement. Something happens here, something magically wonderful happens that allows us all to make this place our home. It’s comfortable, it’s easy, it’s reassuring, and t’s home.

It was a busy day of games and our athletes persevered on the courts and fields.

Congratulations to Jayden Bier who placed 1st in the 6th & 7th Grade Girls Wayne County Singles Tournament at Tyler Hill. Casey Kaplan and Corinne Packel placed 3rd in Doubles in the same Wayne County Tournament. We are so proud you. Way to go girls!!

7th Grade Girls Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Morasha 0

8th Grade Girls Basketball – Morasha 23 vs. CAW 35

9th Grade Girls Softball – CAW 21 vs. Wayne for Girls 20

7th Grade Boys Softball – CAW 6 vs. Poyntelle 5

9th Grade Boys Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Lohikan 1

The big news tonight was our evening activity as we announced our Chenny Idol Finalists. A few days ago we posted the Top 25 and with over 150 auditions, that list was narrowed down to the Top 13 finalists. Our talent pool runs deep here and this years production of Chenny Idol is set to be the best one yet. Shields Hall was simply electric with energy as we all sang along as each finalist was announced, called up on stage to receive his or her golden ticket. Congratulations to the Top 13 who will all perform live in front of our packed house waiting to see them shine.

Ally Heller

Maya Cohen

Jordana Leff

Jordan Leeds

Daisy Chaskin

Sami Miller

Justin Oresky

Daniel Gur

Julia Bromley

Alexis Ash, Amanda Beherens, Maci Rubenstein & Carly Wills

Sam Tell, Derek Wills & Adam Caplan

Dylan & Maddy Grabow

Matthew Leviss & Max Rovner

We all cannot wait to be entertained by the tremendous talent our three celebrity judges have chosen for the Big Show. Tune in next week, as each vocalist, group or duo will be vying to be the next Chenny Idol!

Chenny out