We Are On A Roll

It was Chenny domination today on our fields and courts. Our athletes put everything they’ve got into today’s games and three of our teams have advanced to the Wayne County Championships!! There was so much Chenny celebration today you felt it all throughout camp. The pride and support we feel and give one another is beyond comprehension. Our collegiate girls were battling it on the soccer field this morning and a group of Middy boys were walking by headed to their next activity and every single one of them cheered in support, “You got this Chenny Girls.” We are a family up here and when one wins, we all win and when we face defeat, we do it together. Each athlete and team played with intensity, character and amazing sportsmanship. We couldn’t be more proud of how each of our kids played today and showed such great character.

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 2 /CAW advances to the Championship Game

Senior Girls Basketball – CAW 37 vs. Morasha 19

Super Girls Basketball – CAW 28 vs. Nesher 24 / CAW advances to the Championship Game

Middy Boys Roller Hockey – CAW 3 vs. Lavi 2 / CAW advances to the Championship Game

In the words of one of our counselors who has spent that last 10 years of her life here at Chenny, said it best after tonight’s evening activity, “This was the BEST evening activity I have ever seen here.” It was our first annual Lip Sync Battle. Each division had a Head staff member represent them in tonight’s battle and the show was INSANE!!  They danced, they lip synced and they brought Shields Hall to a whole new level. We were on our feet singing along with them as each round eliminated a contestant. The final round was intense as Ally Grossman represented who Middy Division was going head to head against Kevin Breen who was representing the Super Division. The song choices were brilliant, the costumes were spot on and their performance will go down in Chen-A-Wanda history as one of the BEST NIGHTS EVER!!!!!! But in the end, it was Ally who pulled off tonight’s win as she won the entire Middy division a pizza party. The place went wild and everyone was a winner as they enjoyed one heck of a show put on by the by the most entertaining and talented staff ever.

It was a travel day for our Wanderers as they said goodbye to Los Angeles and boarded the buses for Las Vegas. They are having a trip of a lifetime and as they dined at Carmines and saw the lights of Las Vegas strip, they are eagerly looking forward to spending tomorrow at Circus Circus. Another perfect day for our Wanderers!!!

Chenny out