Lovin' Life at CAW

Without a doubt, today was amazing. It was a regular day of activities for our campers and they enjoyed every minute of it. As the day went on, the temperature got hotter and everyone wanted to cool down. Our Lake, Pool and the Zone were full of campers beating the heat. It was picturesque watching it all happen.

Congratulations to our Campers of the Week. They are outstanding campers who deserve the high honor and recognition this week. They have gone above and beyond and we’ve noticed!!


Freshmen                 Ellyana Frank                           Charlie Butler

Juniors                     Lindsay Chekoff                        Jared Mahler

Middies                    Elana Kessler                              Ryan Bornstein

Inters                        Sofia Jaffe                                    Josh Foodim

Collegiates              Rachel Garfield                           Justin Oresky

Seniors                    Ben Schuster                                Emily Locker

Supers                     Amanda Behrens                        Tommy Quinn

It was fun day for our athletes playing the games they love.

Middy Girls Soccer – Wayne 3 vs. CAW 2

Middy Girls Softball – Blue Ridge 6 vs. CAW 5

Super Girls Tennis – Starlight 5 vs. CAW 0

Freshman/Junior Baseball – CAW 8 vs. Starlight 4 – CAW advances to the Championship Game.

Inter Boys Soccer – Starlight 3 vs. CAW 2

Senior/Super Boys LAX (CHAMPIONSHIP Game) – Starlight 11 vs. CAW 4

Tonight we had a great night in Shields Hall playing Trivia Mania. It was the most fun game show that we’ve had here at CAW.  Our campers buzzed in their answers, hula hooped for 100’s of points, sang the endings of pop songs and popped balloons with everything but their hands, feet and face. It was a crazy fun night that engaged every single camper. It was outrageous and over the top fun.

Our Wanderers are still wandering, as they loved being in Las Vegas. They enjoyed their day exploring amusement parks and shopping. Then it was off to see The Chris Angel Show tonight. They are absolutely loving this trip and what makes it that much more special is who they are sharing it with. It’s good to be a Wanderer!!!!

Days like today fill our hearts with pure camp joy. How lucky we all are to have moments like this in our lives. As we remind ourselves that for ten months our kids work hard, study harder and navigate through all of life’s daily stresses. But here at camp, we connect, we engage and we just play!

Chenny out