Just Another Fab day At The Office

Another remarkable day is in the books for summer 2014. What a beautiful day it was here at Chenny and the campers soaked it all up. The morning was spent in regular activities as they sun was shining brightly down on us all. Spending our days outside in this gorgeous landscape is a gift we all cherish. Beauty is all around us. The fresh air, the green trees, the mesmerizing lake, the rolling green grass and billowing clouds, provide us with our connection to nature. We all get to live in and spend our summers amongst this truly awe-inspiring space. There were six Senior girls sitting in a circle in the center of camp this afternoon and each one of their heads was in the lap of their friend so they were all interconnected and intertwined. You could see they were in conversation but all were gazing upward as they just chatted and staring into the bluest sky.  This moment of total relaxation, without a care in the world, watching the clouds pass them by just being with one another was a lovely sight to see.

A huge congratulations to our Collegiate Boys Basketball team as they won the Championship game today with a 41 -38 victory over Camp Morasha.

It was friendly game of wiffle ball today for our Freshman/Juniors girls as we hosted Camp Westmont. The girls had a ball. Lots of fun, giggles and laughs were had by both teams. Wiffle Ball is just super fun play!

Our Super girls LAX team was victorious today with a 17 – 6 victory over Blue Ridge.

Our Inters, Collegiates and Seniors went out to the movies tonight and had a great time watching some awesome summer blockbusters. The Freshmen, Juniors and Middies stayed in camp tonight and had their own movie madness. They got in their jammies and cozied up to watch a great summer flick in Shields Hall.

Our Supers are heading off to their 4-day trip to Virginia Beach tomorrow morning and enjoyed a long-standing camp tradition tonight with Road Rally followed by their own ice-cream sundae party. It is a what our Supers do the night before they depart for their trip and they owned all of camp, running around in groups of 4 in a giant camp scavenger hunt of sorts.

Our Wanderers left Las Vegas this morning en route to the Grand Canyon. They took a Pink Jeep tour through he canyon as they gazed in amazement at the glory of this national wonder. Something so vast and beautiful made each one of our kids sit in awe as they will never forget the day they went to the Grand Canyon with their camp family.

Just another day fabulous at the office!!!!

Chenny out