A little rain makes everything grow

We woke to a little rain today and as I was walking through boy’s side this morning, I heard something that grabbed my attention. Two collegiate boys were on their porch as they were getting ready for inspection and as the rain was coming down they were both chatting about the rain. One said to the other, “ A little rain makes everything grow.” And the other camper so plainly replied with, “Yeah, you’re right – It makes the grass greener and the trees taller.” I was there at just the right moment to catch this exchange and it made me smile. They didn’t complain that they couldn’t get out to play but saw the silver lining. These boys view life as half full rather than half empty. It was just a refreshing moment to witness.

Another Championship for Chenny!!

Inters/Middies Boys Softball – CAW 5 vs. Tyler Hill 3 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

Freshman/Junior Boys Gold Soccer – CAW 10 vs. Tioga 1

Inters Boys Gold Basketball – Tioga 16 vs. CAW 14

Gymnastics Tourney at Bryn Mawr – A big congratulations to Ava Golden who placed in the uneven bars and Sydney Kesslemen in the beam. We are so proud of our gymnasts!!!

Our Super kids departed this morning for their 4-day trip to Virginia Beach. They had a great time at Kings Dominion Amusement Park and then it was off to check-in to their hotel. They are loving their trip so far and more fun is on its way!!

Our Senior kids left for their Hershey Park overnight and spent twilight in the park. It’s nighty night for now but in the morning, back to everything Chocolate at Hershey Park.

Our Collegiates left on their overnight to Great Wolf Lodge and had a fantastic afternoon in the waterpark. They too get all day tomorrow to do it again.

Our Wanderers keep on wandering as they spent their day at the most southern rim of the Grand Canyon. The fun continued as they were off to their last stop in Phoenix for some due relaxation after the last 9 days spent on the road. It has been one extreme trip and tomorrow they will spend their day at Point Hill Squaw Peak Resort to enjoy a day of fun in the sun relaxing as they reflect on the amazing journey they  just were on.

It was BINGO night in Shields hall for our freshmen thru Inter campers and oh what a night it was. Led by Jon and myself, we called out numbers like you’ve never seen numbers at a bingo been called before. Amazing prizes were flying out quicker than they could call out BINGO!!! The energy was insane, the kids were pumped and we had way too much fun with you kids tonight!!!! A night we wont forget….

Chenny out