Lower Camp Takeover

When the big kids are away… the little kids will play. As the Collegiates were having a great time at Great Wolf Lodge, Seniors were enjoying their day in Hershey Park, Supers loved their time in Virginia Beach and our Wanderers spent their last day in Phoenix before they return to camp tomorrow afternoon. Our Freshmen through Inters had camp all to themselves and had an amazing day at camp. It was lower camp takeover and our youngest campers ruled the campus. Faces were painted and campers were fierce with spirit and camp pride.  There were relay races, tetherball tournaments, mass dodgeball games and so much fun here at camp today we couldn’t contain our joy. It was just a crazy fun day.

The big event of the day was Wiffle Cup 2014. Boys side was dressed in all black and girls side was everything neon. There were chants and cheers but it was all about the game. Boys side was feeling the pressure as girls side brought home the victory last summer. The players for todays Cup was:

Girls side: Stevie Futterman, Lily Passen, Jessie Gatto, Tali Fox, Remi Shapiro, Sydney Steinberg, Mia Wallis, Olivia Leviss, Molly Williams, Sydney Rosenberg, Allie Fien, Kylie Gorsky and Brooke Marshall

Boys side: Jack Resnick, Ethan Sukoneck, Ethan Coulthard, Josh Baum, Tyler Jurist, Scott Steinberg, Ben Farhi, Jordan Yagoloff, Jared Simpson, Michael Stulberger, Dylan Bortnick, Charlie Newman and Zach Weiss

The game was insanely fun and while boys side was ahead the majority of the game, it was at the top of the 6th that girls made a giant run for it. As the girls batted for their last turn they caught up and the score was tied at 46 /.46. Boys side had to score or we were headed into extra innings. First batter hit a single then the second batter struck out.  With a home-run from the third batter, it was all over and boys side was victorious tonight. Congratulations to Michael Stulberger as he was honored with MVP of Wiffle Cup 2014.

Our evening activity was just more fun for lower camp as Steve Max entertained us all with the best Simon Says game ever. Simon Says put your hands on your head, Simon says put your hands on your hips, Simon Says summers spent at Chenny are just the BEST!!

Chenny out