Chenny's Got (SO MUCH) Talent Duece

There is nothing quite like waking up by the ringing bugle each morning, rolling out of bed and heading to The Lodge in your pajamas and eating with your camp family. We are a family here the simple act of eating breakfast in your jammies says it all. It’s comfortable and cozy and it’s what family does. No better way to start off your day by eating breakfast in your pj’s with your camp family. It just sets the tone for us all to have a great day.

Two Championships today for CAW!!!

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 10 vs. Wayne 8 – Chenny Wins Championship!!!

Inter Boys Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 2 – Chenny Wins Championship!!!

Inter Boys Gold Baseball – CAW 5 vs. Tioga 4

Collegiate Boys Gold Baseball – CAW 11 vs. Tioga 9

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Tioga 2

Our Super kids spent their day touring DC and enjoyed a private tour of the Capital. They saw all the monuments and got to experience the historic sights of this great city. They ended their day with a bit shopping at Georgetown. It was a great day for this Super group!!! They have one more day on the road will be back at camp tomorrow.

Tonight was one of those night’s that we love here at Chenny.  We had so much talent that the campers that weren’t able to perform in our first camper talent show displayed their unique and entertaining skills for all us tonight. We had 16 acts and every single one of them was outstanding. There is something that happens here that does not exist outside our gates: it’s true genuine overwhelming support for one another. Regardless if you sing, tap dance, tell jokes, do cartwheels or play piano, you will have the entire Shields Hall full of your friends behind you. No matter if you miss a step or sing off key, it just doesn’t matter here. Your courage to take that stage overrides what you do on that stage. Its awe-inspiring to witness and life changing to be a part of it. We provide the stage and our campers provide the talent. Where in the world can you ever go to get this support and encouragement?  You get it here at Chen-A-Wanda.

You have to see it, actually you have to experience it as we all did tonight. That’s what we do here, we find our courage here, we are brave here, we sing out loud here, we are the best we can be here!!!

Chenny Out.