The Simple Things

Each summer I am amazed with the simple things I see your children spending their time playing with and today was no exception. With all the excess stuff our kids are surrounded by, it was a simple game of Jacks that occupied this group of phenomenal Inter girls today. They had a Jacks tournament and this simple game consisting of a little red ball and 10 metal jacks brought so much joy to this group of girls. Watching these happy campers play something that existed decades before they were even born, connected them to a time when life was much simpler than today. It wasn’t a screen that your children were gazing at today but a little red ball, 10 metal Jacks and their friends by their side. When given the opportunity, our kids thrive with the simple things and being able to offer these moments to your children is our mission here. This game of Jacks doesn’t light up, talk back to you or have to be downloaded it but it sure feels great play with your friends.

Chen-A-Wanda wins its first Wayne County Championship of Summer 2014!!

Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW wins Championship!!  CAW 8 vs. Wayne 2 – Congratulations to our girls who scored in today’s game. Jessica Locker, Sloane Brodie, Tali Fox, Jillian Baskind and Jillian Oresky!!

Middy Girls Gold Soccer – Westmont 4 vs. CAW 3

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 2

Middy Boys Basketball – Tioga 22 vs. CAW 18

Inter Boys Baseball – CAW 17 vs. Chestnut Lake 7 – CAW moves onto Championship Game

Collegiate Boys Basketball – Tioga 23 vs. CAW 20

Collegiate Boys Tennis – Westmont 3 vs. CAW 2

It was Round Robin Tonight and our kids had an absolute great night. Freshman girls cuddled up in their PJ’s and watched Frozen in Chateau Leahy while the Freshman Boys made candy Rice Krispie treats in the Cookhouse. The Junior girls spent their night playing a mass game of kickball under the lights while the Junior boys had their own fun playing in a huge dodge ball tournament in the roller hockey rink. The Middy girls made were in the canteen making chocolate as the Middy boys enjoyed a night at the Wiffle Ball stadium having their own crazy fun up there. The Inter girls spent their night in Arts and Crafts learning jewelry making and creating beautiful works of art. It was Chipwhich making in the Lodge for our Inter boys tonight. Collegiate girls and boys watched a movie in the Chen-A-Plex. Senior girls had a mass BBG game and had a ball. Senior boys had March Madness basketball tourney in Shields Hall. Super girls spent their night enjoying S’mores at the campfire. Super Boys got wet and wild at the Slip n’ Slide. It was an absolutely perfect night for all.

Our Wanderers had their own amazing last day in Los Angeles spending their day hanging at the hotel pool. Then it was off to Six Flags Magic Mountain for a fun night at the amusement park. They are off to Las Vegas in the morning and are having the time of their lives out west.

Just when you think it can’t possibly get better, it does!!

Chenny out.