Days Like These

For over three weeks now, we have lived together in this magical world we call Chen-A-Wanda. Every single day unveils more magic as we learn more about one another and ourselves; opening ourselves up to the possibilities of new connections; discovering what kind friends we want and what kind of friend we want to be. This is where your children learn these crucial social valuable lessons that help shape who they are. Today, two boys had a disagreement and didn’t know how to express how they felt about what had happened. It was not about avoiding the issue at hand or walking away from each other but it was about engaging in resolution and that is exactly what they did. Camp provided these two boys the opportunity to learn something about themselves today. Of course they worked it out and moved on as the argument became so secondary. The process was where the magic happened. With the support and guidance of some amazing counselors, these two boys grew a little more today and got through a challenging situation today. They coped today, they shared today, they resolved conflict today, they listened to someone else’s feelings today and today will stay with them always.  The benefits of these experiences are immeasurable and your children thrive as they grow by leaps and bounds every single day.

Five Wins and a Tie today for our Chenny athletes.

Freshmen/Junior Girls Gold Basketball – CAW 12 vs. Tioga 10

Freshmen/Junior Boys Gold Basketball – CAW 10 vs. Tioga 10

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 8 vs. Island Lake 2

Inter Boys Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Weequahic 1

Middy/Inter Boys Softball – CAW 6 vs. Equinunk 3

Collegiate Boys Tennis – CAW 5 vs. Westmont 0 (CAW moves on to Championship)

We all had a great time tonight as we played Minute To Win It in Shields Hall. Each division had a contestant who was representing their division at tonight’s exciting game. They played 8 rounds of games from Ka-Broom to Rapid Fire to Sticky Situation to name a few. As each round eliminated a contestant, we were left with 2 finalists who battled it out at he BIG VOLCANO. The last standing were Carly Wills who represented the Super girls and Jake Quadrino who represented the Super Boys. As both stood on platforms, they were attempting to drop Mentos into a soda bottle creating a huge volcano explosion. The task wasn’t easy but Jake Quadrino was victorious and hit the bulls-eye. As the soda erupted so did Shields Hall. Jake won a pizza party for his division and in camp those are worth gold!!!

Our Wanderers enjoyed their day in Santa Monica. They spent time at the beach, played on the pier and shopped on 3rd street. They ended their day watching the Anaheim Angels play the Baltimore Orioles. Another fantastic day at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!!

Chenny out