Today started out like any other amazing summer day here and camp was full of happy campers. All of the campers got a full morning of activities in and camp was electric.  Just before lunch, the weather turned and in came the rain. It has been a hot few days here so the needed rain cooled us all off. We all made to The Lodge for lunch as the rain came down and there is no better way to wait out a storm than fill our bellies and have a giant sing-a-long session with the entire camp. If you can picture us all standing on our seats, watching the rain come down onto Fiddle Lake as we all sing in unison at the top of our lungs. It is a site to see but being here gives you chills upon chills to watch it. There is a magic that happens when you let go and sing together. From our smallest Freshmen to our oldest CIT’s , everyone is up on their feet dancing and singing like nobody’s watching. Our inhibitions become bravery here and there is no worry about being judged. As the rain came down harder, we sang louder. Moments like these bond us together and truly make us all one giant camp family.

Because of today’s weather, we were only able to get in one Wayne County Game. Congratulations to our Junior Girls basketball team who were victorious with an 18-4 victory over Camp Weequahic. The girls had a great time.

As the storm rolled out, the skies returned to a gorgeous shade of blue and our campers enjoyed an evening of Round Robin. Freshman girls spent their night in the Cookhouse making Rice Krispie Treats on a stick. We don’t know what was more delicious, the treats or the adorableness of these campers. Our Freshman boys spent their night having a Mario Cart Wii tournament. They loved every minute of their own private tourney.  Junior girls took over the canteen with chocolate making followed by bracelet making. It was great night for our Junior girls. Junior and Middy boys had their own GaGa tournament and it was fun and fierce. They had the absolute best time playing a everyone’s fav camp game, Gaga. Middy girls spent their night in Arts & Crafts creating their own Dream Catchers. They had such a fun time designing and creating. Inter girls had their own fun playing a killer game of kickball. The Inter Boys spent their evening playing a mass Trivia game. It was a fun brain teasing evening for them. Our Collegiate girls had a ball playing Family Feud. There were a ton of laughs and good times for our Collegiate girls. The Collegiate & Senior boys spent their night  having a flag-football tournament under the lights.  Senior girls had spa night as they painted nails and toes, had mini-facials and other beautifying fun things. Super boys and girls enjoyed Chipwhich making in The Lodge. They all made, baked it and ate it. GC girls were in Arts and Crafts making the coolest string and woodcrafts we have ever seen. Our GC boys got into bathing suits and spent their night on the Chenny Zoom. Our 150 foot slip n’ slide didn’t disappoint.  The CIT’s spent their night together watching a movie.

It was another tremendous day spent in paradise. We are the lucky ones that get to do this day in and day out for another 6 ½ weeks. Feeling grateful.

Chenny out

For our new families that don’t yet know our camp division lingo – here you go: Freshman – campers going into 2nd and 3rd grade / Junior – campers going into 4th grade / Middies – campers going into 5th / Inters – Campers going into 6th / Collegiates – campers going into 7th/ Seniors – campers going into 8th / Supers – campers going into 9th/ GC’s – campers going into 10th/ CIT’s- campers going into 11th