Chenny Gets in the Groove with Hip Hop Boot Camp

It was another magical day up here in Chennyland. Over 175 campers signed up to participate in our Hip Hop Boot Camp. We brought in a famed NYC choreographer who spent the day teaching our kids to pop, lock, tut and break dance. Our campers jammed out and found their groove. This 2-day intensive master class taught our kids moves they never knew they had. It was incredible to see each session full of groovin’ campers. Both boys and girls loved their first day of classes and the fun continues tomorrow with another full day of the coolest Hip Hop classes just for them.

Sign and Song is just around the corner and girl’s side is getting ready. All across camp were groups practicing their dance for the show on Saturday. Arts and Crafts was packed with campers getting their bunk plaques ready. There is such great pride with these works of art that are left hanging in the bunks forever. It is the stamp that we were here summer 2014. Girls practiced their dance over and over to get it just right. It is a collaboration and teamwork as they create their perfect dance to show the entire camp. A long-standing Chenny tradition and from the looks of it, this year will not disappoint. We cannot wait to see them up on stage showing us all what Sign & Song at Chenny is all about.

The past 3 days have been packed with tryouts for every sport we offer. Campers are enjoying their sports and more important than the outcome of each game is the level of sportsmanship we exude here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. There is always high fives with our competitors after each match or game. Playing up here is very different than playing anywhere else. There is no pressure or screaming, no expectations or disappointing looks from the sidelines. Our campers play sports here for the pure love of the game. It’s allowing them to be the best they can be through sport. We congratulate our athletes for participating in a movement here that enables sport to be stress free and fun. The way it was intended. Your children are learning skills and techniques that will enhance their game but what we value more here is their effort and dedication to play with integrity and character.

Here are the scores from our first Wayne County games of the summer.

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 47 vs. Weequahic 17

Senior Boys Soccer – Weequahic 6 vs. CAW 4

GC Girls Lacrosse – CAW 15 vs. Brynmawr 12

We hope the videos and pictures translate to how special our summer is going so far. Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.


Chenny out.