Smile! You're on Chenny Camera

We had another remarkable day here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. It was all happy smiling faces and it was no coincidence that today was picture day. We all sported our Chenny gold shirts and gathered together as bunks and as each picture was snapped, it locked in an image that will be with us forever. As years pass us by, the bunk pictures will forever remind us of that summer we shared together.

The afternoon was another beautiful one spent in the lake, the fields, the courts, the studios and just being able to be outside and getting to experience the beauty of where we are is joyful. Everything around us up here is remarkable. We all get to live in this gorgeous landscape with fresh air surrounded by mountains and our glistening lake. Having a catch with your buddy in center camp looks as if we are on a movie set. It is a site that never grows old. With all the excitement and energy that happens here at Chenny, there is a sense of calm that nature provides us with. There are no traffic lights or smog, no honking horns or ringing cell phones. The gifts of summer camp go way beyond the obvious. We are all feeling pretty grateful that this is our playground.

Love was in the air as we all enjoyed our evening activity of The Dating Game. Freshman through our CIT’s participated in this long-standing camp show. There were bachelors and bachelorettes and questions that made us all laugh till it hurt. It was a great night full of fun happy moments. No one left Shields Hall without a smile on their face and everyone who was in the show had a ball.

We’ve only been here for a few days and it already feels like home. That is how quickly it happens here. We do truly become a family. Spending every moment together allows us to connect in a way like no other experience can provide. As I was in awe of the joy I witnessed as the Inter boys were having the time of their lives in Arts & Crafts today making glitter water bombs from strips of sponges. The laughter that was coming from inside the building drew me in and what I saw was just awesome. With all of today’s technology keeping our children at times so isolated from one another, it took just strips of sponges, a lot of glitter and some great creativity that gave these boys the opportunity to engage with one another and have the time of their lives. This is what camp is all about.

Chenny Out