Picture Perfect First Day

There is just no better way to wake up than hearing reveille. And as the bugle rang throughout camp, all our campers popped out of bed knowing that today was the first full day of activities. It was electric and being here felt awesome. The biddy courts on boys side was packed with basketball games before breakfast and girls were on their porches and playing tetherball. Everyone was eager to start the day.  You could feel the energy and the excitement was off the charts. Campers were so ready to get out there and play.

The sun was shining bright on us here at Chenny today.  The pool was full of happy campers and everyone loved zipping around Fiddle Lake on banana boats and the Great Big Mable. Our lake is such a special place to play and watching the kids embrace it defines summer.

The waterfront wasn’t the only place to be today. Our fields and courts were packed with campers trying out for their favorites sports.  This is where playing sports is the way it was meant to be, to have fun playing a game you love. Even if you never have played before, you learn here without any pressure, just pure joy and a love to play. The excitement on our camper’s faces as they got to play ultimate Frisbee with their friends is priceless. It’s like watching children in the state they are intended to be in. There is no stress here, there is no pressure here, there is a freedom to do and be exactly who they are here. We see the best parts of your children here.

Each moment is momentous and magical here. As our new campers get in the groove and settle in, our returning campers know all to well how precious each day is here. Today was picture perfect and your campers experienced a beautiful first day of their summer.

Tonight’s evening activity was by far the best magic act we have ever seen here at CAW. Elliott Zimet blew our minds with his illusions and our campers were stunned, entertained and loved every minute of the show. As campers left Shields Hall after the show, it was all we could talk about. He elevated table, pulled birds out of thin air and literally read our minds.

Our first day of full activities was a success and all of our campers are soundly sleeping from an amazing first day. The greatest part is we get to do this again tomorrow. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Chenny out