Welcome Home

We have waited all year long for this day to happen and it’s here. There are no more countdowns or marking off days on our calendars. There are no more WandaWednesday pictures that remind us of where we all want to be. We are actually here, in camp and the wait is no longer.  We all loaded those buses and headed to Camp Chen-A-Wanda, our home for the next 50 days. It was a big day for each and every one of us. Getting on that bus for many of our newest Chenny campers took a tremendous amount of courage and they did it.

The weather was ideal and as the sun shinned down on all of us, you couldn’t help but feel the love here at CAW. Watching old friends reunite with one another is just magical and is a sight to see. It warms you from the inside out. And as our new campers walked off the buses, some nervous, most excited but they too saw and felt the love they were walking into. Counselors were there with open arms and warm smiles. Today was perfect in every way.

Our first dinner was insanely fun with a dance party and sing along jam session. Campers were arm and arm singing at top of their lungs. Something quite magnificent happens when you have a room full of people singing together. It unites us, it inspires us and it just feels so good.  Then it was off to Shields Hall for tonight’s evening activity. We all watched video highlights of last summer and as the images flashed across the screen, you could see the campers faces glowing with excitement as they are ready to start making this summer the best one yet.

A new junior girl camper summed it up best as she was walking back to her bunk after dinner with a new friend she just met this afternoon and said to her, “This place feels like home.”  And so the magic of this place begins….and Summer 2014 is off to a GREAT start.

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!

Chenny Out