Independence Day at Chenny

There is nothing quite like spending the 4th of July here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. It is the best place to celebrate our day of independence. Everyone got into the red, white and blue spirit. Faces were painted, flags were flying high, red, whit and Blue tutus were everywhere and the continuous chants of “USA” were at every turn. Pride for our country was at an all time high and everyone got into the spirit. It was awesome to be apart of something so special.

Games, Games and more Games on this great 4th of July.

Girls Senior Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 1

Girls Senior Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Starlight 2

Girls GC/CIT Basketball – CAW 28 vs. Westmont 22

Girls GC/CIT Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Weequahic 2

Boys  Freshman/Juniors Basketball – Starlight 29 vs. CAW 19

Boys Freshman and Junior Baseball Tournament @ CAW

RED CAW 12 vs. Tioga 2

Westmont 7 vs. RED CAW 4

Tioga 10 vs. GOLD CAW

Westmont 8 vs. Gold CAW 6

Boys Inters Basketball – CAW 34 vs. Starlight 29

Boys Inters and below LAX – CAW 10 vs. Indian Head 3

Boys Senior/Super Roller Hockey – Nesher 7 vs. CAW 2

Boys Senior Baseball – CAW 7 vs. Weequahic 1

Boys GC/CIT Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Westmont 2

It was an incredible day here at Chenny but we all knew that the night was the best part and it did not disappoint. There was a chill in that air but not a cloud in the sky. It was one of those nights that everyone was just in a great mood. There was this vibe here at camp that was happy and contagious.

As dusk turned into night, we all headed up to the outdoor pavilion decked head to toe with glow sticks galore & flashing headbands.  We started the night with the biggest dance party to get us going and that it did. It was boys side vs. girls side and I think they heard us all the way home.  The smiles were priceless and the fun was off the charts. The countdown began and the first firework shot up in the air and it was spectacular. I truly don’t know what is more impressive to watch; the sky light up with a rainbow of colorful fireworks or the look of amazement on your children’s faces as they watch with such anticipation for each firework to unveil above them.  They were just in amazement of what they were seeing and watching them enjoy it so, was a gift they gave to us. With every firework, there were Ahhhhhh’ss and so many Ooohhhss. It just doesn’t matter if you are 9 or 99, there is magic in the air above us all and sitting side by side with your camp family just feel s so right. No place on earth would we rather be. We are all together sharing this experience and that is what makes this night a summer standout.  We hope you enjoyed your night because we all enjoyed ours.


Chenny Out