Sign & Song- An Epic Night

What an absolutely perfect day we had today. The sun was shining bright down on us all and camp was buzzing with a vibe you can’t fully imagine unless you are here to experience it. Your kids are living in a place where being outside and having a catch with buddy replaces sitting on the couch watching TV. The kids are spending their days jumping on water trampolines rather than texting friends. It is amazing to see and more importantly, valuable beyond measure. A new freshman camper summed it up perfectly when she asked me, “How did I get so close to my friends in only 7 days?”

Our sports teams had a great time on the fields and courts today. We are beyond proud of our Chenny athletes who always exhibit sportsmanship and great character as they compete. It’s so refreshing to see sports being played this way.

Senior Girls Basketball – CAW 28 vs. Starlight 26

Middy Boys Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Starlight 3

Inter Boys Baseball – CAW 16 vs. Towanda 6

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 23 vs. Tioga 28

GC/CIT Boys Basketball – CAW 67 vs. Tioga 23

As perfect as our day was, the night was even better. Sign and Song is a long-standing camp tradition and tonight was the best show we have ever seen.  This camp favorite, is where each bunk make s a plaque and Girls side prepares a dance for the entire camp to see. So much time and effort is put into the plaques that will hang in our bunks forever. When the campers of 2014 grow into adults and have kids of their own, their plaques will still be hanging on the walls of the bunks they lived in. It is their mark that they were here the summer of 2014. It always amazes us to see the creative ingenuity that is put into every aspect of their plaque. This is camp pride at its best.

Girl’s side brought it tonight as they put on a spectacular show. From our adorable Freshmen to the talented and beautiful CIT’s, each girls bunk delivered jaw dropping performances that we will never forget. Can you imagine getting standing ovations after dancing in front of the entire camp? That is what we do here for one another. Each group took the stage and after every single one, the applause, chants and cheers were deafening. We love to show our undying support for each other here. It is like no other place on earth. Every girl that danced on stage tonight felt the love. They blossomed and soared so high it was hard to contain the feeling they felt. Tonight each bunk shared this awesome experience together. The competition was tough but our Group Leaders picked the winners for Lower & Upper Camp Plaques and Dances.

Congratulation to tonight’s winners. They were all outstanding.

Best Plaque – Lower Camp Boys – Bunk I Illusionists

Best Plaque – Upper Camp Boys – Bunk R Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Best Plaque – Lower Camp Girls – Bunk H #Swag

Best Plaque – Upper Camp Girls – Bunk O Out Of Control

Best Dance Lower Camp Girls – Bunk C Classic

Best Dance Upper Camp Girls – Bunk W Wanna Fight

Nights like tonight is what it’s all about and explains why Life is so Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out.