Sunday Funday

Every summer I sit in amazement and watch the relationships we all make up here flourish into something you cant quite put into words. For our new campers it is happening right front of their eyes and it occurs so quickly. When all you see are campers arm in arm walking together to activities or sitting on each other’s lap during line-up or just holding hands walking to The Lodge, you realize that we need this connection, we crave these types of relationships. We may not even realize how much we need it until we get here and it just happens so naturally. It truly doesn’t matter if you are a boy, girl, younger, older or staff, we all need that human contact and here is where we get it, freely and openly. It brings our friendships to a very different level than with our home friends. It is why our friends become our family.

We truly hope that the videos and pictures we post give you a glimpse into the world we get to live in for 7 weeks. What if the real world had this element of connection to one another?  Our experiences here are not without moments of frustration and conflict but having this connection with one another gives us the ability to move past the tough times quicker and provides us all with the tools to work things out because at the core is respect and love. As I sat with two campers who needed to work out some issues they had, they looked at each other, spoke from their heart and listened to one another. That is all it took to bring these two back to a place they both so desperately desired to be. They couldn’t do this at home because texting got in the way. It is face-to-face honesty and as I sat with them watching in awe of the true magic camp has to offer, I felt privileged to bear witness to how these two amazing young girls worked out any hurt feelings they had. Needless to say, they walked off arm in arm, with a better understanding of how they played a part in their disconnect and how easy it was to bridge the gap. If the outside world would just follow suit, life would be as glorious outside our gates as it is inside.


It was another amazing day of games played by all of our Chenny athletes.


Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 5 vs. Westmont 1

Inters Girls Basketball CAW 4 vs. Morasha 14

Inter Girls Tennis – CAW 1 vs. Tyler Hill 4

Super Girls Softball – CAW 10 vs. B’Nai Brith 3

Inter Boys Roller Hockey – CAW 14 vs. Indian Head 10

Collegiates Boys Tennis – CAW 5 vs. Tioga 0

Freshman/Juniors Roller Hockey – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 15


It is Camper of the Week time and these campers deserved the recognition. They were chosen by their Group Leaders and Head Counselors as they exhibit everything it is to be a Camper of The week.  These campers participate in all the activities, have positive attitudes, are kind and respectful and are all around terrific kids. Congratulations to our awesome Campers of the Week:


Freshman                    Zoe Gorsky                             Alex Brandoff

Juniors                        Lucy Wexler                           Jacob Kaftol

Middies                       Remi Graff                              Matt Berger

Inters                           Alexis Siegal                           Jake Wolf

Collegiates                  Jenna Wolf                             Zachary Greenblatt

Seniors                       Phoebe Warshauer               Bennett Goldstein

Supers                        Dani Zuckoff                          David Smolowitz

GC’s                             Michelle Steinberg               Evan Goldstein

CIT                              Alexa Zysman                         Brett Wolf

It was Powder Puff World Cup tonight as our GC’s and CIT’s girls battled it on the soccer field under the lights. The crowd was full of excitement as they blew their vuvuzelas and noisemakers in support of both teams. Faces were painted, pom poms in hand and chants and cheers ruled the sidelines. Our GC girls claimed victory tonight with a final score of 1-0.  It was another amazing day and night in the best place on earth.

Chenny out