Waking up to Zombies and Vampires – We’ve Got Ourselves a Color War!!!

The sun just came up and all of Head Staff has been busy since before dawn getting zombified and vampired out!!! All of camp was sleeping and at exactly 7:00am a loud siren rang throughout camp alerting all that something was happening. Each staff member was assigned a bunk to enter and awake the campers. Our youngest campers were very gently awakened in the most non-scary but yet exciting way that something very special was happening and they needed to head to Shields Hall.  They each jumped out bed with screams of joy as they knew this was it and Color War was happening. Zombies and vampires had awakened our older campers up in a very fun and exciting way this morning. There were thrilling screams and lots of laughs as the campers realized that this wasn’t a zombie apocalypse but rather a Color War that was happening to them. The haunting music played throughout camp as everyone headed into Shields Hall to see an incredible dance production of Thriller. Everyone sang and clapped along as we were so engaged with the dance that was happening before our very eyes. Just as the dance ended a loud creaky sound played and a coffin that was on stage opened and out came Gary Shields AKA Color War Guru of CAW. He turned to our campers, picked up his infamous megaphone and said… IT’S COLOR WAR 2014!!!!! Shields Hall went nuts and our Color War officially began.

Color War is such a special time and a 5-day event that every single person on camp looks forward to. It defines camp and represents everything we honor about teamwork, competition, spirit, camaraderie and most importantly having the greatest time working together for a common goal. There is nothing quite like watching an entire camp get dressed head-to-toe in their team color and show such pride for the team they are fighting for. The day was full with Tugs of War, Mass Games, Contest night and every sport you could possibly think of. We played hard, had fun and experienced a day we will never forget. As a group of Seniors girls sat with me after their softball game this afternoon, they were going over every single moment of their morning as Zombies and Vampires awakened them. Each story was followed by laughter and intense respect for the break.  As one camper asked me, “How do you guys think of the best breaks ever??” I told her how we take serious pride in providing our campers with an experience they will never forget and we know that Color War 2014 will go down as one insanely out of this world Zombified incredibly unique break!!!

Chenny out