Two Fakeouts and a Disneycal Show – Oh What a Day!!!

The weather was perfect and the campers spent the morning in pure heaven here at CAW. Activities were running and happy campers were everywhere. It was a picture perfect and you could feel the excitement build as all the chatter was geared toward when Color War was going to break out. As like any other normal day the bugle rang for snack call and all the campers scurried to center camp. Nothing unusual yet…… From over Fiddle Lake, you saw something coming towards camp and it was a helicopter was getting closer. Over the speakers played the Mission Impossible theme and campers started to scream with excitement as the chopper hovered over center camp. All the campers chanted 1…2…3…4.. We Want Color War!!!! Was it now? Is it time? As 1,000’s of red and gold crimpled papers floated down from the sky above, the campers ran to grab them and were pleasantly disappointed as they read..#Fakeout and Color War NOT!! It might have been a fakeout but the excitement for Color War 2014 is at an all time high!!

We got to play a few games today and the kids had a ball.

Senior/Super Girls LAX – Starlight 21 vs. CAW 11 – Chenny takes 2nd Place in Wayne County Tournament

Archery Tournament – CAW 12 vs. Westmont 0

Tonight was our big Disneycal Show and it was magical. The campers were adorable, talented and brought smiles to the faces of everyone in Shields Hall. They danced and sang to everything Disney. Our campers performed songs and dances from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Frozen and The Lion King. Our kids have crazy talent and they showed it off tonight. Every song was sung along to and every dance took our breath away!! It was their night to shine and that is what they did. Broadway or bust for Chenny actors. It was time for dismissal as normal but just when kids started to stand up and leave Shields Hall, music started to play, lights went on and off and the curtain opened. It was our Head staff dressed as Little Finger, Rob Stark, The Hound, Daenerys Targaryen and other characters form the hit show Game of Thrones. The kids went nuts with excitement. Jumping up and down screaming for a Color War. Was it now? Is it time? A medieval battle took place on our stage but ended in yet another FAKEOUT!!!! They will have to wait and see what tomorrow may have in store for them. Looks as if a Color War may be on the horizon!!!!

Chenny out