12 Seconds

The day belonged to color war games and we were all outside playing all day long. There were basketball games, softball, volleyball, BBG & soccer bouts being played all day long. Campers were pushing themselves and so committed to their teams. They laid it all on the fields and courts. You have to see an intense wiffle ball game of girls wearing tutus and face paint. Zombies and Vampires where everywhere today. It is the best part of Color War that we can play hard and continue to have the most amazing time with a sense of spirit that is infectious. You can’t watch any one of these games without watching everyone on the sidelines cheer on their team with undeniable support and camp spirit. It is the essence of what these games are about. Play hard, cheer harder and have the best time of your life!!! After every goal there is a high five, after each basket there is a “way to go” and even after an intense game of Steal the Bacon, there is a giant group hug. It is awesome to watch our kids truly enjoy themselves and embrace their last week of camp.

The night belonged to rope burning. We all watched with great anticipation as Gary Shields counted down and rope burning/water boiling officially began. Gold Zombies got off to an early start with getting their fire first but just a few minutes later, Red Vampires got their flame going.  It looked like Gold Zombies were way ahead but in true Color War fashion, expect the unexpected. Gold Zombies had a flame under their rope and pot of water that looked as if they were ready to claim victory but out of the darkness arose the Red Vampires as they just wouldn’t give up. Screams and cheers from the campers only added to the intensity of the night. “Burn that rope… burn that rope” was chanted over and over again. With every moment that passed, the chants got louder and right before our eyes, Red Vampires rope burned and broke. As the entire red team was jumping up and down celebrating their victory, only 12 seconds passed when Gold Zombies rope burned and broke! This close of a race has never in the history of Chen-A-Wanda rope burning ever happened. Soon after both ropes were burned, Gold Zombies water boiled followed by Red Vampires. The night was a huge success and will go down as the most intense rope burning Chen-A-Wanda has ever seen. Your kids will one day be telling their children the summer they experienced rope burning and only 12 seconds was the difference!!!!! Something none of us will ever forget. These unforgettable moments we share with our summer family create a world that is hard to explain but incredible to experience.

Life is so great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny Out