Why We Live For Color War

Where in the world can you fight for something you believe in so deeply? Where can you be so passionate about a common goal that it drives us to be the best we can be? Where can we give it all we got and leave it all on the fields? Where can we sing chant and cheer with our brothers and sisters? Where can red and gold mean so much to us? Where can we be superstars every single day? Where can we feel pure exhaustion but slowing down is just not an option? Where can we put our arms around our opponents after a battle well fought? Where can being a part of team feels so great? Where does each and every one of us matter?  Where does being a valued team member matter to the outcome of every single game or race. That happens here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. That defines Color War. From our youngest Freshman to our most seasoned CIT’s and everyone in between play an integral role in our Color War. Every point, every basket, every lap and goal matters and the end result builds character and pushes us to places that we didn’t know we could go.

We have completed day 3 of our Color War battle and only 68 points separated both teams as we went into dinner tonight. This battle is neck and neck and everyone knows it. Everything about Color War engages us and brings our summer to a level we never expected. From the psych speeches to the swim meets, this last week of camp is the ultimate celebration of teamwork.

A true representation of the meaning of our Color War was seen today at our girls meet. It was the relay and one camper was struggling a bit with her backstroke. She fell behind and she knew it. The look on her face spoke volumes as right then and there she needed a push and that is exactly what she got. Her entire team started chanted her name telling her not to give up and she could do it. They weren’t physically in pool with her but they moved her along in the water and gave her that push she so desperately needed. She lost that race but what she won was indescribable and priceless. Her team never gave up on her and got behind her no matter what the results were. She left that pool with her head high and heart full.

It was Quiz night and as each camper pushed themselves physically all day long, our minds were stretched and challenged as they had to answer questions ranging from algebra equations, history challenges all the way to pop culture quizzes. It was a great night as we each challenged our minds to think outside the box and recall information that we haven’t thought about all summer long. It was a fun night full of challenging questions and fun factoids!!! There is only 2-more days of Color War and with the scores so close we can assume that next few days will bring some crazy intensity and definitely lots fun.

Chenny out