We all enjoyed our first trip day of the summer. Our Freshmen and Juniors spent the day at Nathaniel State Park. They swam in the lake, made sand castles and lounged in the sun. As the sun set, the kids enjoyed a delicious BBQ lakeside.  They all arrived back at camp around 7:30pm and were smiling ear to. One Junior girl got off the bus and said what a fun day she had but she was so glad to be home. Even when you are at camp, trips are great but coming home is just so sweet.

The Middies and Inters had an amazing day spent bowling and roller-skating. They loved every minute of it. They got to hang out with their friends as they bowled together and then off to the rink for some old school roller-skating fun. What a fun day they all had. It was a great way to spend a hot summer day.

Our Collegiates and Seniors roared down the river as their day was spent white water rafting. Together they battled the river. It was exciting, it was thrilling, it was challenging and it was awesome.

The Supers and GC’s had a ball at Camel Brach. The weather was nice and hot as they spent the afternoon in the wave pool and getting soaked on water rides. The park was empty and it felt as if they had it all to themselves. Another perfect way to spend a hot summer day.

The CIT’s enjoyed themselves as they had lunch at Windsors followed by a day of shopping at the Mall. They lunched, they spent quality time together and they enjoyed every moment.

All our campers are back home in their bunks sleeping peacefully. Exhausted from all the great adventures they experienced today. A successful fun trip day was had by all.

Chenny out.