We all got into the 4th of July spirit today. We painted our faces, we wore red, white and blue and we paid tribute to our great country. We shared our traditions, our songs and our pride with our counselors and staff that have come from other countries.  It was an amazing day and you could feel it in the air. No better place was there to be than at Chen-A-Wanda to celebrate Americas Independence.

All the campers enjoyed a full day of regular activities and as the sun was shining down on us all today, we were continually reminded of our freedom and how lucky we all are to live in this great country. We danced on our seats in The Lodge to all American themed songs throughout the day.

As the sun set, the excitement grew and we all headed up to the outside amphitheater to watch our very own spectacular firework show. Everyone at camp had red, white and blue glow sticks, headbands and necklaces. In the darkness of  our night, we were all lit up and the site was amazing. The music was bumping and the dance party began. Standing in our seats, you couldn’t help feel the spirit of the night. No matter if you are a freshman or a CIT or staff, we sang at the top of our lungs and we danced like nobody was watching. We celebrated together and as the night grew darker, we all sat in awe of the most brilliant firework show that took our breath away. The sky lit up with every color of the rainbow as the fireworks kept booming and each one was more beautiful than the one before. It was a night that we won’t forget.

Today was all about our freedom, our gratitude and our pride. You can’t quite describe the feeling of celebrating the 4th of July here at camp. You just have to experience it. And we all did, together!

Chenny out.