Things at camp are rolling right along and we are having a ball. The weather could not have been more perfect and we all took advantage of the beautiful landscape that we are living in. Just breathtaking. At the lake, I overheard one camper saying to another, “It’s so beautiful here, can you believe we get live here all summer?” Those moments of gratitude are just awesome.

The campers spent the day playing. When you stop and think about it for a moment, where can you spend the whole day playing baseball followed by a soccer game then head to the waterfront for some tubing, then over to circus to fly on a trapeze and end your day by soaring on the zip line. This happens here everyday. In a world that is so stressful filled with schedules, studying & pressure, we play. We play all day long.

No matter if we experience the joys of winning or the agony of defeat, we play. We are so proud of our Chenny athletes for their amazing skill and sportsmanship.

Boys 3rd/4th Grade Baseball – Equinunk 2 vs. CAW 0

Girls 5th Grade Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Lavi 0

Boys 7th Grade Soccer – CAW 3 vs. Lavi 1

Boys 9th Grade Softball – Nesher 20 – CAW 5

Girls 10th/11th Grade Basketball – CAW 27 vs. Blue Ridge 26

Boys 10th/11th Grade Soccer – CAW 7 vs. Lavi 0

Tonight was Deal or No Deal and our campers made great deals. There were pizza parties, extended curfews and so many more exciting deals. There were chants and cheers as each participating camper was guided by their bunkmates to take the deal or to stay and play. It was another great night full of Chenny fun and memories we won’t soon forget.

Chenny out