Wow, what another great day at CAW. The weather was picture perfect and camp was buzzing with happy campers. We have been here for only 8 days and it feels like we have been in this routine for months. We often refer to this place as our summer home and it sure does feel like that. We have formed a summer family here and the bonds that have been made will last forever.

The activities here are so much fun but they are indescribable when you do them with your friends. You can walk through Arts & Crafts and will see campers making beautiful works of art together, you can stroll up to wiffle ball and you see friends playing together or you can walk in The Cookhouse and see a group of kids cooking together. That is what this place is all about. The activities are fabulous but they wouldn’t be fun doing them alone. How lucky are we to have a whole summer family to play with, to trust and to be there for our ups and our downs. That is the magic of Chen-A-Wanda.

Campers stayed busy as they played their games. Our athletes did a great job on the fields and courts today.  It was a Chenny sweep with all our games today.

Girls 3rd/4th/5th Grade Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Starlight 2

Boys 7th Grade Softball – CAW 10 vs. Tyler Hill 6

Girls 8th Grade LAX – CAW 13 vs. Island Lake 10

Boys 9th Grade Soccer – CAW 9 vs. Tyler Hill 0

The highlight of today had to be CHENNY JAMS. We had a staff basketball game and you could have sworn you were at an NBA game. It was Girls Camp vs. Boys Camp and so far this summer, this was the best evening activity yet. Girls wore black and pink while boys were dressed in white. Each side went crazy on the spirit as they painted their faces; spray painted their hair and spent the night cheering on their team. There was a halftime show dance from our GC girls, free T-shirts launched into the crowd and an incredible half court shot made by Jon Grabow. There was so much spirit and intense camp pride; you could feel it and every corner here at camp. One amazing summer night here at Chenny!

Chenny out.