The True Meaning of Color War

Boy’s side had their track meet today and girls side battled in the pool with their swim meet. The kids had so much fun as they relayed to their finish lines getting cheers, praise and encouragement for their hard work and effort. To sit back and watch the encouragement we all give one another here is life changing.

There was a Junior girl in the pool and she fell behind a race she was in.  You could see the defeat on her face as she noticed how far ahead her opponent was. With every stroke she took, her teammates chanted her name and encouraged her with cheers of, “ You can do it, we believe in you.” That little girl swam harder with every cheer she heard as her head popped out of the water. As she jumped out of the pool after her race, she told her teammates that hearing them cheer for her helped her not give up. She saw how far behind she was and wanted to stop swimming but she finished her race with the help of her friends.  It’s amazing what you can do when you have a whole team behind you. She may not have the won the race but she certainly walked away a winner.

To help further explain the feelings that we all feel during Color War, the following was written by three of our CIT boys and read to both teams before dinner tonight at line up.

“As most of you know this is our very last Color war as campers here. We have been here, along with many of my brother before some you were even born and this place is home to us. We can’t remember what it is like to not spend a summer here. We look out at all of you and we would do anything to start over again and have so many summers ahead of us. Treasure every moment because one day you will be standing where we are and looking at your very last Color War. As Color war winds down, we realize how important it is for everyone to give it their absolute all. Color War is a team effort and in order to succeed, every single camper and counselor must give 100%. We must win as a team, work as a team and most importantly enjoy Color War as a team. Try your hardest and give everything you have. Your teammates, captains and lieutenants have dedicated the last 3 days to make this the best possible Color War. For the next 2 and a half days, there is no I, there is only We and there is no I CAN’T, there is only WE CAN!!”

Chenny Out