An Apache Kind of Day

Everyone matters in the Apache Relay and every camper plays a key role. No matter if you are being piggy backed around the quad track or diving to the bottom of the pool to pick up 8 spoons or are heading into the canteen for the infamous “unknown”, you count. It is a race that includes EVERYONE. There were smiles and laughter all morning long as this camp wide event took center stage. It was neck and neck until Red Jocks took the lead and pulled ahead with todays Apache win.

Girl’s side ran their hearts out at their track meet and boy’s side jumped in the pool and swam to their finish line at their swim meet this afternoon. It was a full day of active campers here with Apache and meets.

Before dinner each team holds psych speeches at line up that will inspire and motivate their teams. Tonight’s speeches stood out as what this war is all about. Both Captains and all Lieutenants along with some campers from each team walked hand in hand and stood in front of their opposing team. This row of unified team members commended their opponents for a day of awesome battles, amazing team spirit and most importantly an incredible display of honorable sportsmanship. They each highlighted a team participant that exuded a positive spirit, not when they were winning but when they were loosing. When we win it is easy but it’s when we loose, that is when our true character comes out. This is the meaning of true respect and why Color War is so spectacular and important. We will loose more than we win but it is how we loose that will ultimately define us as winners.

It was skit night tonight and it was brilliant. Each team took the stage and told their story of Jocks and Geniuses in a witty, bright, fun and entertaining way. It always amazes me to see how creative our kids are here and how much time and effort they put into making this Color War spectacular. Which is nothing less than phenomenal.  As the judges deliberated on whose skit was most compelling and deserved tonight’s points, it was a landslide with Gold Geniuses taking it all tonight.

The excitement is growing and the kids are giving everything they’ve got into this Color War. Red Jocks are currently 244 points ahead of Gold Geniuses. There is still 1,370 points up for grab tomorrow and you know that both teams will be fighting for every single point. Tomorrow is the last day of games and we end this 5-day competition tomorrow night with Sing. In the end as it always does, it all comes down to Sing.

Chenny Out