After two and half days of intense Olympic competition, Red Morocco prevailed as the winners. It was a battle to the very end and in true Chen-A-Wanda form, it all comes down to Sing. The heat was on high today and each team was out in full force ready to bring home the Gold.  There were games on every field and court and what was more impressive than watching teams win was the amazing support we give each other when one team looses.   We take the best quality of good competition and infuse it with an overwhelming sense of sportsmanship. We play to play and after each game, the main question is,” did we have fun?” There are no upset spectators, nobody who is disappointed when a shot is not made. Our Olympic games highlight what sport was intended to be and how magnificent just playing to play can be.

Three separate teams entered Shields Hall tonight all dressed in their team colors. They each had their moment to sing their teams Cheer, March and Alma Mater and show their works of art as they presented the banner and plaques. It was a emotional night as the words of each Alma Mater resonated with everyone in the room. Red Morocco so beautifully summed it up with their lyrics:


We’re now split into three

But still one family

And tonight

We will all re-unite

You and I return to being best friends

You and I

Will be together ‘till the end

You and I

Will never be alone

Because this place we all love

is all our second home

As the winning team was announced, there was a sea of red that exploded with excitement. Their hard work and determination was validated with the sweetness of getting the win. That only lasted for mere moments as those in red t-shirts were hugging their friends wearing blue and gold. Within minutes, the colors on our shirts didn’t separate us. We were back together as one camp family.

Shields Hall went crazy with excitement as we announced that tomorrow is a brunch morning with a 9:30am wakeup!! We all played hard these last few days and all are looking forward to some extra zzzz’s.

Olympics 2013 will go down in Chen-A-Wanda history as one to remember. We all participated in something spectacular and all went through it together. That is the magic of this place. This crazy shared experience is now forever etched in all our minds. It was just another amazing day here and it reminds us all why Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny Out