Chenny's Got Talent

It was late wake up today and we all appreciated the extra sleep. After the past few days of incredible physical exertion, hearing the bugle this morning at 9:30am felt amazing. We all needed the recharge.

At camp, we show our authentic self.  At school, it is much easier to put a “mask” on in order to fit in to be accepted. It is virtually impossible to wear a mask 16 hours a day every single day here. This is where the mask comes off and we find acceptance and appreciation of our true self.  The friends we make here, see the real us and accept of us for who we are. You see this every day here at Chen-A-Wanda. It is where we celebrate one another and lift each other up. This attitude was highlighted at this evening’s Camper Talent Show.

There were 22 acts that stood up on our stage tonight and performed in front of the whole camp. That is not an easy fete for anyone but this Chenny audience was overwhelmingly supportive giving standing ovations after each performance. Imagine being 8 years old and singing all by yourself as a packed house was singing along with you. That initial shaky voice very quickly grew stronger with each note. Looking out a the audience who was rocking out, clapping along and singing with you gives you something you can’t quite explain; a confidence that will be with you forever. To be present at these moments is seeing the best part of humanity. No matter if we sing off key or miss a step in our dance, it just doesn’t matter. You are a superstar up there and our camp family will let you know that you are amazing. A Junior girl walked off stage after her performance and summed it all up in one sentence, “I was so nervous when I started to sing, then halfway through my song, I felt like a real rock star at my own concert.” That says it all.

Chenny out