Younger Campers Play When The Older Campers Are Away

It was Cherokee (Freshman, Juniors and Middies) camp takeover today at camp and our youngest campers loved every minute of having camp all to themselves. They spent the day sliding down our 150ft slip and slide, doing wet wacky relays, and playing dodge ball followed by wiffle ball tournament. They ruled the roost here at camp and after a huge pizza party it was time to unwind and watch a movie in Shields Hall.  They had an absolute ball today.

Mohikan camp (Inters & Collegiates) had an amazing day at Great Wolf Lodge. They spent the entire day in the coolest indoor water park.  After they dried off it was right into the arcade to play games and win prizes. Then it was off to an amazing dinner.  As the campers rolled back into camp, they jumped of the buses saying this was the BEST trip they’ve ever been on. It was homerun of a day and you didn’t see a Mohikan camper without a huge smile on their face. A trip that won’t be forgotten and many will most likely ask you to take them back when they return home. It was just that fun.

It was a chill day for Navajo camp (Seniors, Supers and GC’s) as they spent their day at the State Park lying in the sun, having a catch with their buddies or taking a dip in the lake. They had a bbq at the lake and enjoyed dinner just as the sun set. They dried off, changed clothes and headed for a nighttime movie. These big kids rolled back into camp at 9:45pm and had an amazing time. Days like these, we wish we could stop time and freeze so they would last forever.

Our Wanderers had their own special treat today as they ate breakfast at Binghams and for those of you who are familiar know that they ate very well. Nothing quite like the French toast at Binghams. Then it was off to the movies followed by a day shopping at the mall. They spent a great day hanging out with one another, working up an appetite so it was off to have dinner in Scranton. Our oldest campers just love being with each other and getting to do big kid stuff together is what they have looked forward to since they were Middies.. So even the simplest trip to the mall is insanely fun because they all get to do this together.

As each bus rolled back into camp, you see the look of exhilaration on each campers face of how much fun they all had today. There is no denying that. But there is nothing quite like the feeling of rolling back into home and tonight we are all back home.

Chenny out