Olympics Brings the Best Out of All Of Us

Our Olympic games stands out as a true picture to why Chen-A-Wanda is truly a remarkable place. Victory is not defined by wins or losses. It is defined by our effort. If you can truthfully say, ‘I did the best I could, I gave everything I had,’ then you’re a winner. Today our campers gave it everything they had. Every camper put their heart and soul into each battle and gave it their all in every competition. The battles were fierce, they were fun and in the end it was the undeniable effort that made today such a standout day. We played hard, had fun and in the end supported one another. When you walk around camp, in the midst of hearing all the chants and cheers during all the games, you also heard “great job, amazing effort, proud of you.” There is something equally valuable to encouraging those around us that actually feels better than getting the win.

Being part of a community that comes together and supports one another regardless of the outcome is what makes Chen-A-Wanda Olympics so spectacular.  Tonight was the Apache Relay and everyone from our Freshmen campers to our Wanderers, play an integral part.  Each individual makes up the team and everyone counts.  No matter if you had to blow up a balloon until it popped, leaped frogged from the lake to arts & crafts or had to ride a bike to the finish line, the team depended on you. Tonight, Blue Thailand finished Apache by hitting that pole first as they rode on to Camp Rd. knowing that 1st place was so close. Red Morocco ended the relay in 2nd place with Gold Costa Rico just moments behind. The excitement to finish the race was amplified by each member of the team knowing they had a part in something bigger than themselves. It is the essence of belonging to a team and the importance that we all finished this race together.

It was time again to recognize our outstanding campers of the week. Congratulations to these stand out amazing campers. We are so proud of you and the qualities you posses that earned you camper of the week.

Freshman – Skylar Salk  & Braden Miller

Junior – Olivia Leviss & Mason Berlin

Middies – Kelsey Bloom & Jared Schwartz

Inters – Nikki Younger & Josh Klein

Collegiates – Lexi Lichten & Josh Polansky

Seniors – Julia Blee & Jeremy Schier

Supers – Amanda Model & Matthew Seganti

GC’s – Alexa Zysman & Jason Rossell

Wanderers – Hillary Schier & Ethan Gallant

When all is said and done, it’s not the shots that won the championship that we will remember, but the friendships we made along the way that will stay with us forever. All are sleeping peacefully as we rest our bodies for another amazing day of Olympics. Doesn’t get much better that this!!!

Chenny Out