We've Got The Olympic Spirit

It was another amazing day here at Chen-A-Wanda.   The sun was out, the heat was on and we were all enjoying this glorious day. The lake got a lot of love today as campers could not wait to jump in. The Zone was hoppin’ with crazy water balloon battles. It was a perfect day to get and stay wet.  The buzz around camp was all about Olympics and when it would break. As the entire camp was eating lunch, it was the perfect time for an Olympic fake out. All the Head Counselors entered The Lodge holding the torch with the Olympic fanfare playing loudly overhead. The place went wild with excitement chanting Olympics 2013!!!! Just as the entire camp thought this was it, the music switched and all of Head Staff started dancing to the Harlem Shake. Campers just need to wait a bit longer for Olympics 2013 to begin.

Even amidst the Olympic craze, we were able to get a ton of games in today. We played hard today and we couldn’t be more proud of the effort set forth from our athletes.

6th Grade Girls Softball – CAW 15 vs. B’Nai Brith 5

9th Grade Girls Basketball – CAW 27 vs. CAW 20

9th Grade Girls Tennis – Tioga 5 vs. CAW 0

5th Grade Boys LAX – CAW 12 vs. Tioga 0

7th Grade Boys Basketball – Tioga 19 vs. CAW 17

8th Grade Boys Baseball – CAW 8 vs. Lavi 3

The Circus show is a Chenny favorite and with over 150 campers auditioning for the big show, we are proud to announce those who will be in this years’ production. It takes hard work and a tremendous amount of dedication and we know this years Circus Show will be spectacular. We can’t wait to see you all fly!!!

Congratulations to our 2013 Circus Kids Cast: Daisy Zand, Bennet Goldstein, Jordana Leff, Skylar Bloom, Sarah Kaplansky, Hannah Pollack, Brooke Mohr, Melissa Borker, Sami Flyer, Olivia Hornick, Sami Miller, Samantha Broder, Jenna Seitler, Sofia Quadrino, Alexis Siegal, Ava Golden, Zoe Grabow, Noelle Breitweiser, Daisy Chaskin, Abby Baskind, Sydney Kesselman, Mackenzi Rubovitz, Jordan Leeds, Abby Nussbaum, Ally Heller, Sam Tell, Parker Moritz, Jaret Fensterstock, Daniel Geenfield, Michael Stulberger, Zach Fox, Emery Cohen & Max Rovner.

Well, our campers didn’t have to wait too long as late this afternoon when all were at their activity…. A familiar song played throughout camp. IT WAS OLYMPICS and we all knew what to do. Our Head Counselors started at The Lodge and passed the torch to one another followed by all of our camper’s trialing behind them. We all made it up to the soccer field and as we announced our Captains, the official Olympic rings were lit and the games officially have begun. Our camp is now split in three equal teams, RED MORRACO, BLUE THAILAND and GOLD COSTA RICA.

Just when we thought that camp could not possibly get any better, Olympics takes us to a whole new level. Tonight was a great night as we started our battle with Tugs of War. It was fierce, fun and full of friendly cheer. An absolute awesome evening!!!! Best news is we get to do this again tomorrow.

Chenny out