Playing in the Mud

It was Zeller day today and the campers had the best day ever. Freshmen thru Collegiates spent the day running the Chenny Color Mudder. We had some rain in the morning that only made the course more insanely awesome and muddier. It was perfect and the campers couldn’t want to jump in. Everyone was chomping at the bit to begin their race. They started at the front gate and the whistle blew. It was up the hill they went and off to the Chenny Zoom as they sped down the 150 slip n’ slide. From there, the campers climbed the cargo net wall into the first mud pit. They climbed up then over to land in their first mud pit. Some got right on their bellies into the mud while others walked through loving squishing through the thick mud beneath their feet. They climbed another mud mountain and scooted down into another mud obstacle. There was another cargo net but this one required campers to army crawl underneath. You couldn’t help smile with joy as they navigated this pit. The mud was everywhere. Clumps of mud in our hair and everywhere made today so much fun. There really isn’t anything more fun than rolling in mud and not getting in trouble for it. Actually being encouraged to jump in and get dirty. There was more laughter and smiles at the mud pit today it was contagious. Even the kids that were hesitant at first couldn’t stop themselves to jump in the pit. Our kids were champions of mud and everything dirt. After they completed the mud course it was back down the hill to get doused with neon colored celebration powder. It was streaks of color that made us all look like true warriors. Our Mudder ended at the lake as we all jumped in and washed out the mud dirt and everything else that was on us. We all let go and embraced this race and it felt so good. Where else can kids feel this free to play in the mud?

The CIT’s had a great day spent together and as a privilege of their program, they choose where they spend their day. It was a day full of fun food and movies. They all came back with smiles on their faces from a day well spent. It’s good to be a CIT.

Our Seniors, Supers and GC’s had their own magical day as they spent the afternoon at the roller rink. They went back in time as they put on roller skates and had the time of their lives skating around and around with their closest camp friends. Listening to music, with the lights down low, they held onto one another trying to catch their balance. The laughs and giggles were everywhere. Once they got into the rhythm, off they went. It’s one of those events that most of us parents may remember doing when we were young. I know I recall the rink I used to go to every Friday night and how those memories will forever remind me of my youth.  Well, today your kids made their own memories of skating the afternoon away. We turned back the hands of time for them and they loved every minute of it. After skating it was off for an evening at the movies. As the rolled off the buses tonight back at camp, there was no mention of what movie they saw, just a lot talk about how much fun they had skating at the rink. With all of the advancements in technology our children experience, sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest impression. An afternoon spent roller-skating with our friends just makes sense. Some things change and some things just stay the same.

Chenny out